Scott Haus home resting after violent crash

Hamburg, PA (Aprint 9th, 2013) – One week after opening his season with a victory at Port Royal speedway, Scott Haus endured the most violent crash of his career. On a lap two Delaware double file restart, two cars in front of him made contact causing one to spin and face oncoming traffic. Haus, having no time to react, drove over the front of the spinning car, launching his Mastersbilt by Huey high into the air against Port Royals first turn guard rail and catch fence. After tumbling several times through turn one, Haus finally came to rest on top of another competitor’s car. The excellent safety crew at Port Royal arrived on the scene to find an unconscious Haus sitting in the demolished racecar. He remained unresponsive for nearly 10 minutes until finally beginning to acknowledge the safety workers.

As he came to, the safety crew had already called ahead for the Life Lion Med-Evac helicopter to transport Scott to Penn State’s Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. While waiting for the helicopter, the crew began to extricate Haus from the car, cutting the still fully intact roll cage off of his Mastersbilt. Several minutes later, Scott was aboard the ambulance being transported to the landing site for the helicopter.

Arriving at the hospital just after midnight, Scott immediately began undergoing testing to determine the extent of his injuries. His wife Cheryl and the race teams of son Andy Haus and Sam Schaeffer met him at the hospital to wait for the testing results which wouldn’t arrive until after a restless night of sleep. The scans showed that Scott had sustained a broken rib along with his concussion. He was released from the hospital Early Sunday afternoon to rest at home.

Prior to Saturday’s event, Haus and the team had competed Friday night at the famed Williams Grove Speedway where he pulled off early in the race with handling issues.

Scott and the CKC Trucking race team will be taking a few weeks off from competition while he heals. Keep up to date with his progress at Follow the team on Twitter @Haus76 for the latest scheduling updates.

Scott Haus would like to thank all of his partners for their support during the 2013 season: CKC Trucking, Miller Racing Engines, Buck Rubs, The Fastener Place, VP Racing Fuels, Eibach Springs, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Schaeffer’s Racing Oil, Outlaw Fuel System, LiTech Ignition, Aerofab Bodies, Swartz Signs, Cornwell Tools and Precise Racing Components.

Scott and the Haus Motorsports team would also like to thank the track safety crew at Port Royal Speedway. We are all extremely grateful for their skill and professionalism.

Williams Grove Speedway April 5th 2013 Super Late Models ( 24 ):1) 43a Jason Covert 2) 1 Gene Knaub 3) 26 Jerry Bard 4) 21D Dan Stone 5) 74 Tyler Hershey 6) 31B Brian Booze 7) 8L Scott LeBarron 8) 06 Mike Lupfer 9) 27 Jim Yoder 10) 30 Sam Schaeffer 11) 24 Dylan Yoder 12) 41 Derrick Casner 13) 4'D's Chad Hollenbeck 14) 76 Andy Haus 15) 72 Ron Coleman 16) 4s Danny Snyder 17) 87 Duane Harbaugh 18) 23 Gary Stuhler 19) 93 Pancho Lawler 20) C33 Chris Cassner 21) 21 Scott Haus 22) M1 Mike Mort DNS: 3 Tim Wilson, 99z Dave Zona

Port Royal Speedway April 6th 2013 Super Late Models (25): 1. Parks, 2. D. Casner, 3. Campbell, 4. Winters, 5. Hollenbeck, 6. Brenneman, 7. Lupfer, 8. Schaeffer, 9. Schadel, 10. Naugle, 11. Scott Flickinger, 12. Patrick Bryner, 13. Mike Mort, 14. Harold Ranck, 15. Jason Schmidt, 16. Eric Zembower, 17. Chris Casner, 18. Scott Haus, 19. Lindsay Barton. 20. Mitch Hack, 21. Bryon Sipe, 22. Denny Fenton, 23. AJ Hoffman, 24. Dan Cond DNS: Tim Wilson